What You Can Do To Protect Seymour Lake

What you can do
  • Join Seymour Lake Association (click here)
  • Join David Wieselmann’s group of Invasive Species Patrollers.  David will train you; it’s quick and easy! Email David at VIP Director
  • Septic Systems need regular attention; learn how to care for your septic system (click Here)
  • Learn to recognize land based invasive species such as phragmites and Japanese knotweed (click here)
  • Volunteer to have your property evaluated by Lake Wise.  Contact any water quality Committee member or Peggy Barter at Water Quality Committee Chair to learn how
  • Maintain a good mix of native trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and duff on most of your lake shore (click here for more information)
  • Read “Sharing The Edge”, a state brochure for lakeshore owners to see how to help protect Seymour Lake (click here to view)
  • Keep you septic system operating properly Click Here to See How to Care For Your Septic System
  • Ecological Solutions is a very simple but complete listing of what you can do to help Seymour Lake – see the information below.

Ecological Solutions