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Potential Regulation of Wake Boats – May 2022

The link below will take you to H. 503, legislation introduced in the Vermont House of Representatives in the 2022 legislative session to regulate wake boats. The legislature did not take action on this bill, however, it is expected that it will be reintroduced in 2023.

Click here to see H. 503 as drafted

On March 9, 2022 the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation published a petition submitted by a citizens group known as Responsible Wakes for Vermont Lakes asking for consideration to manage wake boats for wakeboarding and wakesurfing to be permitted only in areas where the distance from shore is greater than 1,000 feet, the wake depth is greater than 20 feet, and the area of the water body is more than 60 contiguous acres.

The petition is open for public comment at the following link, part way down the page. click here

Comments must be submitted by 4:00 pm on Friday, June 17, 2022.

A successful petition brought to the state years ago resulted in making the use of jet skis or personal watercraft no longer allowed on lakes smaller than 300 acres.

Potential Reclassification of Seymour Lake to A(1)


• As a result of input from several lake associations, including Seymour Lake Association (SLA), the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has agreed that the statutory restriction regarding new septic systems in A(1) watersheds (limited to 1,000 gpd capacity) is no longer appropriate. Originally conceived as helpful to limit development in high elevations, it has become a barrier for A(1) reclassification in part because new technology can clean septic discharge better than the technology which was in place when the statute was written. There is an ongoing effort by ANR to work with the Legislature in the current session to recognize the problem and work to get a legislative change to amend the current statute. SLA has written a letter of support for this action.

• Four North East Kingdom lakes (Maidstone, Caspian, Echo and Shadow) have submitted A(1) petitions to the state. These lakes have all experienced increasing phosphorous levels in recent years, hence their sense of urgency in moving forward with petitions.

• All four petitions have been determined administratively complete and are posted for the public to view on the DEC website Click here to view

• As the outlet of Seymour Lake flows into Echo Lake, the Echo Lake watershed includes Seymour Lake’s watershed. Therefore, should Echo Lake be reclassified, Seymour Lake and its watershed would be included. For this reason it is important that SLA follow the progress of Echo’s petition. We intend to participate in any hearings and solicitation of written comments. We will also notify our members via an e-mail when comments are invited or hearings posted.

• At this time the SLA Board of Directors continues in our position that we do not want to seek reclassification to A(1) or be reclassified via the Echo Lake petition until such time as the septic restriction is removed or modified. To see letter SLA sent to the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources re this issue click here

• There is a possibility that as a special exception to the usual process, Echo’s petition could go forward without the inclusion of the Seymour Lake part of their watershed. Echo has offered this as an alternative that would be acceptable to them.

David Wieselmann, Director of SLA’s Invasive Patroller Program (VIPs)

Wheelchair to Kayak and Back
The David Wieselmann Story

Over the past year, The Seymour Lake Association has been involved in finding a solution for a paralyzed man, David Wieselmann, to move from his wheelchair to his kayak, unassisted by any help from his neighbors. This has been achieved by designing and building a structure with donated labor and funds from Seymour Lake residents. It is now completed and David has been using it for over 3 months. This is his story and you can see it all via links to the many photos, videos, circulated widely throughout newspapers, radio, and the internet.

Learn More Here

Vermont’s CBS affiliate, WCAX (Ch. 3) came to Seymour for the story, which aired on August 23, 2021. (click here to view)

An article appeared in the August 18th issue of the Barton Chronicle (click here to view)

NPR story by Manhattan-based radio journalist Jon Kalish on “All Things Considered” (click here to listen)

Article in the Seymour Lake May 2021 Newsletter (page 3) (click here to view)

All Morgan Town Roads Open to ATVs and UTVs

Subsequent to a March 2021 approval of the voters of Morgan (45 yes; 38 no), the Morgan Select Board voted to allow all Town roads to be open to ATVs and UTVs. For more information, (click here to view)