Join Us

Why Join the Seymour Lake Association?

  • Participate in the direction of the Association and the future of Seymour Lake.
  • Inexpensive and easy way to stay currently abreast of issues that impact Seymour Lake users, landowners of Morgan and lake shore property owners.
  • Interface with and learn the current thinking on water quality issues from State and regional water quality experts.
  • Meet, socialize and have fun with many wonderful people with the same common issues.

What Does It Cost & How Do I Join?

What Are the Goals of the Seymour Lake Association?

  • Manage and support our milfoil boat inspection station and patrolling program.
  • Improve and protect Seymour Lake water quality.
  • Increase the Seymour Lake Association membership among property owners and lake users.
  • Improve our knowledge about water quality and land management best practices and communicate that knowledge to our membership.
  • Work with the State and towns to help achieve our goals and create new programs.
  • Maintain financial resources to meet our goals and react quickly to invasive threats.

What Does the Seymour Lake Association Really Do?

  • Maintains an invasive species inspection program at the boat ramp.
  • Performs water quality sampling for clarity & chemical structure.
  • Monitors the lake water level.
  • Monitoring fishing and fish management with State of Vermont.
  • Make available educational & communication programs such as newsletters, lake properties map, State bulletins on boating and land use, water quality education issues and the website.
  • Conducts an annual meeting open to all to discuss our plans and priorities.
  • Hosts an annual social outing to promote personal contact among all interested parties.
  • Raises funds from individuals and through public and governmental grants to fund our current programs and “emergency funds” to be able to act quickly if the lake is threatened by issues related to water quality protection.
  • Coordinates and focuses a dedicated group of individuals to achieve our goals.