Water Quality Committee – purpose, programs, and members

Purpose: The purpose of SLA’s Water Quality Committee is to serve Seymour Lake Watershed’s land owners, lake users, and Association members in being responsible caretakers of Seymour Lake, its watershed and its wildlife.

Programs: SLA WQ Committee Programs include –

  • support of the Greeter Program at the Boat Access
  • support of the lake perimeter searchers for aquatic invasive species
  • work with the Town of Morgan to protect Seymour Lake
  • educational efforts in print and live presentations regarding invasive aquatic and wetlands plants, buffers, septic system care, lake shore ecology, and VIP training sessions
  • participation in VTDEC’s Lake Wise program which recognizes exemplary lake shore management for water quality and also provides technical assistance to lake shore owners in meeting high lake shore standards for water quality protection
  • collaboration with other organizations concerned with lake water quality protection, such as Northwoods Stewardship Center, Memphremagog Watershed Association, the Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds (FOVLAP), local private roads groups and Vermont Center for Ecology
  • encouraging lake shore owners to participate in owner grant programs to restore natural lake shore vegetation such as FOVLAP’s Buffers for Blue Lakes and Lakescaping Programs and Orleans County Natural Resource Conservation District’s Lakeshore and Streambank Buffering (which is presently administered by Northwoods Stewardship Center).

Committee Members: Peggy Barter (chair), Frank Antonelli, Dan Barry, Linda Broadwater, Gerry Cahill, Tom Emery, Bill Kilpatrick, Ron Kolar, Erik Lessing, Tracey Shadday, Rhonda Shippee, Cynthia Stevens, Beth Torpey, Charles Woods, David Wieselmann

From an historical perspective, there are two interesting reports:

The Impact of Urbanization on Seymour Lake (14 pages).pdf. The New England Council of Water Center Directors, 1977