As mentioned in the preamble about water quality, there are many programs in existence which can help minimize shoreland disturbance. These are programs initiated by the Vermont Water Management Division and others and are coordinated with local lake residents. The Seymour Lake Association Water Quality Committee makes these known through the SLA newsletters, and by direct contact with property owners. These programs are all excellent and we encourage your participation.  One example is the Northwoods Stewardship Center.

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Lake Wise Program:

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Lake Wise Award










Click on the image below for the Better Management Practices (BMPs) on Lakeshores

Vermont Lake Wise Programs


Click Here for Lake Wise Evaluation Sheets: This is the form which is filled out for a property evaluation


Buffer Zone and Lake Shore Information

Click Here for Information on How Wide Lakeshore Vegetation Should Be to Protect the Lake

Click Here for the Vermont Rain Garden Manual

Click Here for Information Regarding Winter Ice Berms

Click Here for Information on NorthWoods Stewardship Center Landowner Services

Click Here for Contractors Trained and Certified in Shoreland Erosion Control

Click Here for Buffers for Blue Lakes

Vermont ANR Watershed Management – Promoting Buffers

Better Back Roads

Click here to see the program offered by the state to improve roads which could adversely impact SeymourLake


Better Back Roads


Click Here to See Vermont Native Friendly Plants

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Out of the Blue





Click Here for the Guide to Loons and how helping them helps our shore

VINS Mission
Motivating individuals and communities to care for the environment through education, research, and avian wildlife rehabilitation.

Click Here for Memphremagog Watershed Information

Additional Information

Final Basin 17 Water Quality Management Plan


This is one of the very best brochures on what you can do to your shoreline
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Plants and Plantings on Lakeshores


ShoreLand Protection Law

Effective July 1, 2014, the Vermont Legislature passed the Click Here for the Shoreland Protection Act (Chapter 49A of Title 10, §1441 et seq.), which regulates shoreland development within 250 feet of a lake’s mean water level for all lakes greater than 10 acres in size. The intent of the Act is to prevent degradation of water quality in lakes, preserve habitat and natural stability of shorelines, and maintain the economic benefits of lakes and their shorelands. The Act seeks to balance good shoreland management and shoreland development.

Click here for the website discussing the law

Click Here for the Shoreline Stabilization Handbook