Officers, Board of Directors, Minutes and Committees

Officers August 1, 2016
President Chuck Nichols (802) 723-4976 (802) 917-4282
Vice President Ted Jewett (802) 895-4871 (802) 343-0817
Treasurer Jean McKenny (802) 895-2942  
Secretary Linda Buzzell (802) 895-4175  
Directors (Term Ends)
Alan Franklin ‘18 Bruce Barter ’19 Tim Buzzell ’20
Erik Lessing ’18 Bonnie McWain ’19 Tom Adams ’20
Frank Antonelli ‘18 Charles Woods ’19 Rhonda Shippee ’20

Tom Bonneville — Town of Morgan, Select Board Liaison

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda / Minutes
Annual Meeting Agenda / Minutes

Activities Frank Antonelli
Audit Doug Gimler
Boating Tim Buzzell
Dam/Lake Level Tim Buzzell, Ron Kolar, Dave Anderson, Chuck Nichols, Erik Lessing, Candy Moot
Development/Education Lyman McWain, Peggy Barter
Fishing Ron Frascoia, Charles Woods, Bill Bilowus
Grants Beth Torpey, Peggy Barter, Linda Broadwater
Loon Charles “Woody” Woods, Eric Hanson, Bonnie & Dave Potter
Maps Chuck Nichols
Membership Ted Jewett, Bruce Barter, Tim Buzzell, Gerry Cahill, Tom Adams, Erik Lessing, Ann Torpey, Chris Blais, Bonnie McWain, Brenda Wierschke
Milfoil Chuck Nichols, Beth Torpey, Peggy Barter
Newsletter Erik Lessing, Bruce Barter, Maggie Griffith
Nominating Tim Buzzell, Ted Jewett, Bonnie McWain
Water Quality Peggy Barter, Frank Antonelli, Dan Barry, Bill Kilpatrick, Ron Kolar, Anthony Lazzara, Erik Lessing, Tracey Shadday, Rhonda Shippee, Beth Torpey, Charles Woods, Linda Broadwater, Tom Emery
Website Karen Abada , Candy Moot, Chuck Nichols, Bruce Barter, Allan Wooley, Erik Lessing
Boat Launch Greeters Beth Torpey, Bud Bergh, Lisa Foster, Penelope Newcomb, Dan Griffith, Ed Singer

Note: Name underlined is Committee Chair.   Others are Committee Members.